Justin & Connor Demo GENtle FUI at O’Reilly/Google SciFoo

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Justin and Connor Demo at SciFoo

Update: Get the GENtle FUI code and protocol here: https://synbiota.com/projects/112/workspace_pages

Justin and Connor had the chance to demo a fun little GENtle hack at the O’Reilly/Google SciFoo event at Google HQ this weekend.

There’s lots of talk about where User Interfaces for DNA Design/Genome Editing are headed. Some people think it’s drag-and-drop, while others think it could be controlled by gestural systems like Kinect.

We went in another direction and made a whimsical and experimental Fruit User Interface (FUI) for GENtle that allows anyone to edit the DNA of fruit using… Fruit! No, really. Using a MaKey MaKey (Thanks Jay!) and GENtle we setup an interface such that all you need to do is touch;

BioCurians test the GENtle FUI hack at SciFoo

BioCurians Raymond McCauley and Derek Jacoby have some GENtle FUI fun at SciFoo!

Apple  to get (A)denine
Carrot  to get (C)ytosine
Grape to get (G)uanine
Tomato to get (T)hymine
Bible to delete

We think this is the world’s first implementation of a biological interface to edit biological software!

Of course this was just for fun (but it was FUNctional fun!), and the use of the Bible as the delete key was simply to add a bit of controversy to the conversation and spark thought.

Developing the Fruit User Interface

Connor and Justin working hard to develop the first FUI for Biological Development using GENtle at Mozilla HQ

We recorded some video of our first test of the system while we were hanging out at Mozilla HQ (Just up the street from Google HQ). Check it out below, and let us know what you think!









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